National Puppy Day Puppy Facts!

In honor of National Puppy Day we decided to forgo the usual “Fun Music Facts of the Day” and give you a few fun puppy facts.

1. There are more puppies born in the US each year (6.2 million) than babies. (4 million)


2. Puppies get lonely, just like us. They are in the womb with a litter and are born with a litter so they love the company of humans or other animals.


3. In 2013, the most popular breed of puppy was the Labrador Retriever. The second most popular that year was the German Shepherd.


4. Puppies are born without teeth and don’t yet have the ability to hear or smell.


5. The first sense that puppies begin to use is their sense of touch.


6. Puppies nose-prints are as unique as a humans fingerprints. No two prints are alike.


7. Puppies keep their eyes closed for the first 9-12 days of their lives.

puppy eyes

8. Puppies only listen to the first syllable of a word. For all you people out there naming your puppy Mister Fuzzy Paws, all they hear is Mist.


9. During their first week of life, puppies spend 90% of their days asleep and the other 10% eating. Sweet life!


10. At one year old, a puppy is considered an adult.


Extra puppy fact

-The Beatles song “A Day In The Life” has a high pitched whistle at the end of it only audible to dogs. It’s said that Paul McCartney put it in for his Shetland Sheepdog.