April 2018

Eddie Money – Two Tickets to Paradise and More!

You might remember Eddie Money from his popular hit song, “Two Tickets to Paradise.” He even sang it in a very funny Geico commercial a couple years ago.

But, what you may not remember, is all of Eddie Money’s other hit songs! His hits include “Take Me Home Tonight,” and “Walk On Water,” which were on the Billboard Top 10. “Baby Hold On,” “Peace In Our Time,” “I Wanna Go Back,” and “Think I’m in Love” charted within the top 20.

In addition to singing some great songs from the ‘70s and ‘80s, Eddie Money now stars in a reality show with his family called Real Money. He has five kids, three of which perform in his band, who all live at home. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes of a rock star’s life.

Eddie Money will be performing at the Melody Tent on Saturday 7/28! Join the Gold Circle Club now to get tickets now!

Melissa Etheridge Facts You May Not Have Known

Melissa Etheridge is a talented musician. Not only has she won multiple Grammy’s, including Best Female Rock Vocal, an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2007, but her fourth album Yes I Am went six times platinum and spent over 2 ½ years on the charts! Melissa Etheridge also made her Broadway debut in American Idiot, Green Day’s rock opera, playing St. Jimmy. Check out this clip of her as St. Jimmy:

Melissa Etheridge will be at the Melody Tent on 6/15! Tickets on sale now

Brian Regan on Letterman

Brian Regan made his first appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in October of 1995. He performed a 5 minute stand-up routine talking about measuring the weight and girth of boxes, the phone company, and trying to buy a refrigerator for the first time. He has since appeared on Letterman 26 times, so David must have liked him!

Brian Regan will be at Cape Cod Melody Tent on August 25! Tickets are on sale now!

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