June 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up: Michael Franti & Chowder Fest


Weekend 2 at the Melody Tent was another home run! On Friday night, we were lucky enough to enjoy the amazing Michael Franti & Spearhead. With a set that had everyone dancing, Franti and his wildly talented band gave an incredible performance. His upbeat music matched his similarly upbeat message of love and compassion, which he was literally running up and down the aisles to preach. Performing for an hour and a half, Franti & Spearhead gave Hyannis a night they will not forget. As the Cape Cod Times said in their rave review, “I Got Love For Ya” was a definite highlight, as was their surprise U2 cover.

The fun continued Sunday afternoon with WCOD Cape Cod Chowder Festival. This annual event is always a summer highlight, and this year was no exception! With delicious chowders from restaurants all over Cape Cod, no one left with an empty stomach. Festival goers were also able to enjoy great live music from awesome local artists like Jay Psaros, Susan Cattaneo, Chuck McDermott, and Of Lions and Giants. And congrats to Seaside Pub for taking home the title of Best Chowder! (Mattakeese took home 2nd place, and British Beer Company Hyannis received 3rd)


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We hope you come to visit us next week for Kip Moore, Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs, and the Brew Fest!

Music Connects Us All

Music touches the lives of every person.  While not everyone is a music enthusiast, we all have aspects of our lives where music is involved.  Even some of people who are hearing impaired can feel vibrations when music is played around them. Music is powerful.

The definition of music is: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Every year we hear music on holidays and at gatherings, usually based on tradition.  When we listen to music it can evoke emotions, provide inspiration, bring back memories, and ultimately, connect us.

There are numerous genres and styles of music.  Perhaps you typically only like one or two, or perhaps you like them all!  Often times our mood will determine what music, if any, we seek out.

Today the blending of musical styles by many artists, makes it harder to categorize them and their songs, and this brings groups of fans together, more than ever before, rather than divide them.  Music has always been used to bring people together.  The Wedding March, Happy Birthday, The Star-Spangled Banner, and more- all mark special occasions and have particular significance.

The goal of establishing the Melody Tent, over 60 years ago, was to provide a place where people could gather and attend live music performances.  The venue has given patrons from every background a place to enjoy music up close and personal with talents from around the globe.  Under the tent, in-the-round, and on a revolving stage, you can attend a show put on in a manner that very few places can provide to guests.  The original mission of the Melody Tent is one that carries on today and so we hope you will consider making us a destination this summer, on at least one of your evenings out.  There are shows to entertain no matter what your favorite music may be, and who knows, you may even discover a new favorite along the way!

We invite you to make new memories, and very special ones, this summer at the Cape Cod Melody Tent.

In honor of the power and importance of music, we have included this clip from America’s Got Talent 2017 for you to enjoy.

by Cassie S.

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